CELT for Students

Building on our shared expertise, CELT supports LondonMet staff and students in making teaching and learning more effective.

The CELT team is made up of professionals with expertise in student and staff learning development, e-learning and staff professional development.

Our student-focused activities include:

  • Preparing for Study workshops and courses (September and January), for new students about to commence their courses.
  • Term-time courses, workshops and one-to-one study advice, arranged in collaboration with Faculties and also Professional Service areas. If you would like your Faculty to arrange such support, please contact your Course Coordinator/Leader.
  • On-line study advice helpline.
  • The StudyHub A substantial body of specialist study advisory on-line resources, available through the StudyHub, which we will be constantly developing and updating - so don't forget to bookmark the resources area of our site.

These resources address an extensive range of topics, including research strategies, academic essay and report writing, delivering effective presentations, writing at university, finding one's 'own voice' in an academic context, critical thinking and writing, 'building argument' through the careful use of others' ideas, and undertaking dissertations and large written projects.

See STUDY HUB website 

for current information on courses & workshops

CELT for Students, at:

0207 133 2560


Through Faculties, we organise peer support, where you will be able to get advice from students taking subjects similar to yours but at a more advanced stage of their course.


We work with students through our activities collaborating with Faculty academic staff

We work with staff on enhancing the quality of student learning and writing development coverage within subject modules. Working closely with subject-specialist staff gives us the opportunity to to help make sure that LD teaching and materials are fully subject-relevant and focused.

We may meet you in this way, through our collaborative teaching interventions on certain of your modules.

Certainly, you are likely to encounter our study advisory materials via the WebLearn spaces of many of the modules that you take.


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