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CELT for Staff

CELT works with Faculty staff to help embed subject-focussed student learning development within the curriculum. In so doing, we actively seek to share and promote best practices in learning development.

CELT staff-facing work includes:

  • Targeted, subject-specific interventions within academic modules, in collaboration with module leaders or other staff interested in teaching and learning issues;
  • Customised sessions to run within one of your sessions on anything from academic reading to writing a report. 
  • The development of a customised intervention to develop some aspect of pedagogy (Enquiry Based Learning; Creativity in teaching & learning…) or some aspect of your students’ progress. Typically we can devise customised ‘write to learn’ interventions and resources that can be developed within your subject teaching - with or without a member of the Educational & Learning Development (ELD) team to support the launch and evaluation of the project.
  • Materials development involving collaborative design of subject-specific, or provision of subject-adaptable, resources;
  • Consultancy/advisory role, re: integration of learning development content and assessment, at module and course level;
  • Staff development, e.g., working with module leaders and with seminar tutors to ensure effective implementing of LD activities within seminars;
  • Staff-facing events to foster future collaboration and promote the dissemination and development of good practice in teaching and learning

All of these activities are designed to assist in the objective of aiding transitions, e.g., into HE, to UK study, between levels, discourses, etc. 

If you have any specific requests for Educational & Learning Development (ELD) team advice or interventions, or would like to discuss possibilities, please get in touch: CELT ELD Team

Staff Development Sessions & Away Days

If you would like us to devise a staff development session - or if you would like our input into an Away Day - contact

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