University LT&A Frameworks

On this page you will find details of the

  • University Learning & Teaching Strategy
  • University e-Learning Strategy
  • University Assessment Framework

University Learning & Teaching Strategy Framework

"This framework for an updated University Learning and Teaching Strategy builds on from the previous one and on the ground laid by the work undertaken centrally and within Faculties and Departments during the past two years around the development of blended learning.It moves forward from the previous Learning and Teaching Strategy by foregrounding e-learning as a key element of quality enhancement, to engage and support students by offering them more opportunities to study at place and time of their own choosing.Given the increasingly digitised, distributed and mobile nature of learning in the 21st Century, the University has committed to a blended learning model that integrates best practice electronic and face-to-face modes of learning and teaching..." For more information please use the links below to view or download the appropriate version of the document.

The University e-Learning Strategy (Annexure to the Learning & Teaching Strategy)

"Changes represented in the 2010/2013 University Strategic Plan have encouraged a reconsideration of e-learning provision at London Metropolitan. The University is embarking on a process that requires increasing use of e-learning to support taught delivery both on- and off campus. The fact is that the achievement of strategic e-learning outcomes demands a collaborative, cross-disciplinary and integrated approach to e-learning, with responsibilities shared between Faculties and central services in a dialogue to be established and maintained about what services and standards of service are required, and how they might be provided and resourced..." For more information please use the links below to view or download the appropriate version of the document

  University Assessment Framework

Assessment plays an essential role in the academic processes of London Metropolitan University and in the work undertaken by students during their University courses.  Hence, the design and delivery of all aspects of University assessment practice needs to be “fit for purpose”, and subject to regular review.

The University Assessment Framework (UAF) has three sections:

 Section A: Assessment Principles identifies the cornerstones on which assessment policy, procedure and practice is built.

 Section B: Assessment Policy brings together key aspects of assessment policy and practice alongside policy and procedure contained in the University’s Academic Regulations.  Hence, cross-references to particular sections of the University Academic Regulations are included here. 

The full Regulations can be found at  Since University Regulations are revised annually, readers are advised to refer directly to these. A note on any changes/updates in academic regulations will be posted on the UAF webpage on an annual basis. 

Section C: Guidelines on Assessment Practice forms the substantive part of the document.  Through attention to a range of assessment practice, the sub-sections provide guidance to staff involved in teaching and the support of learning to review their design and implementation in their courses and modules.  Each sub-section stands in its own right or can be read in conjunction with other sections.  In addition, the Appendices provide additional links to other suggestions, resources and examples of pedagogic practice. We hope the framework will continue to enhance academic standards, constructively inform Faculty and course assessment strategies, and inspire continuous good practice towards promoting the learning and achievement of our students.



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