Applicant Portal

Applicants to the University can now access the Applicant Portal.

Using the Applicant Portal you can:

Track the status of your application(s)

Accept or decline an offer

Check and update your contact details

View correspondence sent to you by the University

Who can use the Applicant Portal?

If you are eligible to use the Applicant Portal you will have been sent a username and password by the Admissions Office. Please keep your username and password safe as, in addition to using these to access the Applicant Portal, you will need these to access the University IT facilities once you become a student.

You are strongly advised to register with the university's password self-service facility. Once registered - should you forget your password - you will be able to reset, change or unlock your password easily and securely. To register for this facility click on the Password Management link on the evision login page below.

To log into the Applicant Portal please go to the Evision login page.

Using the Applicant Portal

On logging into the Applicant Portal you will be greeted by the Welcome Page. By clicking on the My Applications link on the left-hand-side of the screen you can access the screen illustrated below. Information can be accessed by selecting the horizontal tabs headed My Applications, My Personal Details, My Correspondence, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), Help, Contact Us, and Useful links.

My Applications allows you to track your application(s) to the University and respond to an offer of a place. My Personal Details allows you to update your contact details. My Correspondence allows you to view correspondence sent to you by the University. The FAQ and Help tabs will answer most of your queries. Help can also be accessed from any tab by clicking the   icon.

-IMPORTANT: UCAS/GTTR applicants MUST continue to use UCAS/GTTR Track website to accept/decline their offer

If Help and FAQ do not answer a query relating to your application and you require further assistance please click on the Contact Us tab. The Admissions Enquiries link on that tab allows you to send a question directly to the Admissions Office via a web form. Alternatively, you can use the email or telephone contacts provided.

Finally, Useful Links will take you to other useful pages within our website.

Problems with Applicant Portal

Any problems or queries you have specifically relating to your application that are not answered by help or FAQ should be sent to the Admissions Office as described above. If you have problems logging in to Evision, or the pages that are displayed in Evision are not as described above, please see our Solving Evision Problems page or contact the Evision helpdesk


  Page last updated : : 23 Apr 2012