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Undergraduate/Postgraduate Offices

Your Undergraduate/Postgraduate been replaced by our new Student Hubs, please contact:

This page contains Academic Registry contact details for our student-facing services. If you are a member of staff click here.

 Direct Contacts for Key Topics

The Academic Registry has a number of direct contacts for key topics to enable the appropriate office to respond to your queries which are listed below. You should contact your Student Hub for any other queries relating to your course.

Direct Contacts for Key Topics

Function Email
Academic Misconduct
Awards Ceremonies
Award Certificates
Bursary query
Exam clashes
Exceptional Extension
Mitigating Circumstances
Overseas Exam Arrangements
Special Exam Arrangements
Tuition fees/refunds
Visa Compliance

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Visa Compliance Team

Visa Compliance Team
Tower Building

London Metropolitan University
Room TM1-85
166-220 Holloway Road
London N7 8DB

Telephone: 020 7133 4146
Visa Compliance Team Office Hours
Monday - Friday  9:00am to 5:00pm

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  Page last updated : : 22 Sep 2014