Reassessment Coursework Tasks

September 2015

In cases where the assessment instrument (type) for Undergraduate February Starters studying Level 4 30 Credit Modules was not individual coursework but for example groupwork or a presentation, the September reassessment normally converts to coursework. In such cases the coursework task set is of necessity a new one, so the standard arrangement - whereby the reassessment requirement is to rework and improve the original submission – cannot apply.

The purpose of this page is to provide links to the new reassessment coursework assignments which have been set in such cases.

New coursework tasks will normally be available from the 8th Septyember 2015. Students must ensure that their completed assignments are submitted by the deadline of 3pm 16th September 2015. Except where otherwise detailed in the assignment brief, submission should be to the Student Hub appropriate to the module.

Note that only a minority of coursework tasks will be published via this page. In the great majority of cases reassessment will require reworking and improving the original task. Students who need to see the task originally set  should refer to WebLearn. In many cases the task will also be available in the Module Booklet.

Students with examination reassessment will find details of dates and times by clicking on the link to ExamTrack on the right of this page. Seen Exam papers/ questions and case studies will be available from the Seen Exam Papers page.

The University would like to remind students of the need to submit all items of reassessment available to them and to attend all exams where reassessment is available to them.


Module Code starting with:



Module Code Campus Module Title and Assignment Details


SJ4033 Not Specified SJ4033 Assignment 1 - 002 - Digital photographic assignment and 500 word analysis OR 1,000 word essay.doc


SM4001 Not Specified SM4001 Assignment 1 - Crime Genre Essay (1500 words).docx
SM4004 Not Specified SM4004 Assignment 1 - Digital Media Aretfact.doc
SM4004 Not Specified SM4004 Assignment 2 - Essay (2500 words).doc

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