Business Information Technology Books and E-books


Books are organised by class numbers, just like in UK public libraries. Here is a tutorial on how class numbers work to help you locate books on the shelves:
Dewey Decimal Classmark Tutorial.

You can search the Library Catalogue for particular subjects by using the keyword search box. Then look for the classmark listed next to each copy of the book.


To search for e-books only, use Advanced Keyword search on the catalogue, type your topic keyword(s) in the ‘Any Field’ box(es) and select EBOOKS from the Material Type drop-down menu.

You can also view a full list of all e-books on the library catalogue by typing an asterisk * in the first ‘Any Field’ box and selecting EBOOKS as the material type.

There are a number of e-book platforms that host the books. For more information, see our “all about e-books” page. However, we have 150 titles via the specialist platform below.

Safari Tech Books Online
Safari Tech Books Online is a supplier of full-text e-books in the field of computer science (including multimedia titles). It is possible to search the full text of the entire collection or just "My Safari" (titles the library subscribes to).
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