Journals: Interior Design


Journals are a good source of inspiration. Reading them regularly will help you keep abreast of the latest developments in your subject area. Useful journals for Interior Design include:

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Finding Journal Articles
How to trace articles in journals, conference papers and other publications:

The problem
You're researching a topic and, after checking all the relevant books, you still haven't found enough information for your needs. You know there must be some journal articles somewhere but how do you go about finding them?

The solution
You need to use online databases. These will tell you the name of the journals where articles on your topic can be found, and give you details of the date, volume and page numbers. Sometimes the full text of the article will be available online on the database. If not, check the London Metropolitan library catalogue to see if a print copy of the journal is available.

Useful databases for finding articles relating to Interior Design include:

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What to do if the library doesn't have the journal article you need
If no print or electronic copy of the full text of the article is held by any of the London Metropolitan University libraries, there are two options open to you. The British Library or another university library may subscribe to the journal in which case you can visit and read the article or photocopy it. Alternatively, it may be possible for us to obtain a photocopy of the article on Interlibrary loan.

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